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Marina Abramović, The Urgent Dance, 1996. Performance view, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, 1996.

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Student: I sprained my finger and can't play gym.
Teacher: okay.
Student: I have an anxiety disorder and can't do my speech in front of the class.
Teacher: Everybody gets nervous. Get up there.



it is Spring and
you maybe have a
gap between your

i am too shy to look

i am jealous of your
cheeks because they
are so kind, your
eyes laugh and

you are sweet like
boiled sugar and lilacs

i think i knew you
before i met you
but i am always
shy next to you

like a blossom about
to burst on a
sunny day

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I haven’t heard from Alison and we were supposed to skype last night at 9:45.


so let me get this straight. anti-choicers took $500,000 dollars worth of pennies and sealed them in a glass case as a “memorial” to “victims” of abortion. i’m going to say that again. these people have locked away $500,000 dollars as a “tribute” to dead blobs of cells instead of donating that money to actual living breathing children who don’t have basic necessities or homes.

anti-choicers are incredible

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my parents definitely did not raise me to be a queer feminist filled with the wrath of a thousand enraged dragons and yet here i am

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