Gillian Anderson as Blanche DuBois in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. Play performed at the Young Vic Theatre in London.

God this was one of the best performances I have ever seen in live theater, recorded theater, TV, film, whatever.

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Ok one more sutton story

So she came out on stage before the show and out her own water bottles out, and set up the stage a little bit and then she skipped off twirling her dress and it was so cute.



Lol yes

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i may be ugly and untalented


thats all

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An alternate ending to Bridges of Madison County, performed at the NYPL by Elena Shaddow, the Francesca standby, with Jason Robert Brown at the piano. 

Francesca no! No he didn’t. Call him. He loves you. Dammit. I hate this song it makes me have feels.

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I wonder what my neighbors think of my sad Broadway music…


why are there so many “romantic” black and white gifs of tate from american horror story that aint right did you guys pay any attention to that show at all

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